Monday, 29 November 2010

Valentino pour GAP

so here's some of the pieces from Valentino for GAP collection. i don't really like the collection, honestly. the only thing i like from the pictures above is the shoes. i don't even know they are part of the collection or not actually. hehe.. i just wanna share some pics. :D

all images are taken from here

Saturday, 27 November 2010

where did you go?

currently stuck on replay button!

En Donde Estas / Kau Dimana / Where Did you go
Agnes Monica & Christian Chavez

Disfrazando con un beso este vacío que se siente.
Ocultando en el silencio otra mañana indiferente.
Cada uno caminando, en sentido contrario al corazón.
Te extraño, amor?

Pejamkan mataku dan ku rasakan saat itu
Masih teringat rasa yg kita punya sejak dulu
Namun ini langkahmu dan ini mau mu
Kamu jauh dariku..

Que se moría por una mirada,
Que entre tus brazos solo suspiraba,
Que le bastaba como una caricia
Para curarlo de cualquier herida

Que nos faltaba para enamorarnos?
Convencidos de no separarnos.
Tú y yo jurábamos y nos creía
Que tanto amor hasta nos sobraría.

¿En dónde estás? ¿En dónde estoy? si te quería.

and the time just passes by
there is no more words to say
we forgot to love each other ,
this is all we've ever had

where did u go, if i still love you...
where did u go? and where i have? and where am i?
if i still love you...

Kau dimana? ¿En dónde estás? ¿En dónde estoy? if i still love you...
¿En dónde estás?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

earthly love - Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse

aww, another Diana Rikasari for Bloop Endorse! this one is the one i like the most compared to the previous two. this collection is more feminine, sweet, clean, and calm. my personal favourite is the skirt on the first image!

all images are taken from hot chocolate and mint

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

nikicio for centro

lanvin x H&M? too expensive for me. but, hey! we have nikicio x centro! :D
Here are some of my favourite pieces..

i like the shirt! love the ruffles, hehe..

and this one, i like the stole. yes, that super big scarf! too bad i think it's too pricey.. well, let's just see.. :)

oh and this one, looks innocent and clean, isn't it?

for the complete collection, click HERE

Sunday, 7 November 2010

no need to say goodbye

my mid-term exam is oveeeeeer! yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh! so happy! i spent this last two days with sleeping and trying to clean up my room and more sleep. ha! the feeling of freedom. :P
so, some updates!

- i'm a Foursquare badge hunter now! not ambitious one, but i check-in everywhere to get badges. haha..

- for one of my pre-mid-term exam assignment, i was asked to make an othello! yes, that black and white token on a green board game! it's kinda amazing, haha.. i can't make it alone, so thanks to mr. @rufvin who taught me patiently. :p

- and thanks to @lovlavluv, @riankaa, @egynat, @shesukakuh, and @evadorable for the teamwork along the exam! haha

- actually i don't know what i wanna say in this post. i'm just in the mood for writing something. haha. let's just hope for the best in everything. :D

*ah, i remembered something. don't forget to #prayforindonesia okay? you guys have known what happened to Indonesia, haven't you? get well soon, Indonesia. :)