Sunday, 14 February 2010



i'm not a good speaker
i'm a shy girl
i blush easily
i don't speak much
especially these things
my feelings
but i want you to know
i like your smile
i like your eyes
i like your touch
i like your gesture
i like your warmth
i like your patience
i like your personality
i like your weirdness
i like your laugh
i like your everything,
even the part that you don't like
i like you
i'm addicted to you
yes you
i love you

happy lovely chinese new year!

valentine's day and chinese new year is on the same day! happy valentine's day!

and happy CNY!
credits from here and here
nb: val's day and CNY on the same date only happens once in 47 years. see you on 14 february 2057 then! haha

Thursday, 4 February 2010