no need to say goodbye

my mid-term exam is oveeeeeer! yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhh! so happy! i spent this last two days with sleeping and trying to clean up my room and more sleep. ha! the feeling of freedom. :P
so, some updates!

- i'm a Foursquare badge hunter now! not ambitious one, but i check-in everywhere to get badges. haha..

- for one of my pre-mid-term exam assignment, i was asked to make an othello! yes, that black and white token on a green board game! it's kinda amazing, haha.. i can't make it alone, so thanks to mr. @rufvin who taught me patiently. :p

- and thanks to @lovlavluv, @riankaa, @egynat, @shesukakuh, and @evadorable for the teamwork along the exam! haha

- actually i don't know what i wanna say in this post. i'm just in the mood for writing something. haha. let's just hope for the best in everything. :D

*ah, i remembered something. don't forget to #prayforindonesia okay? you guys have known what happened to Indonesia, haven't you? get well soon, Indonesia. :)