nikicio for centro

lanvin x H&M? too expensive for me. but, hey! we have nikicio x centro! :D
Here are some of my favourite pieces..

i like the shirt! love the ruffles, hehe..

and this one, i like the stole. yes, that super big scarf! too bad i think it's too pricey.. well, let's just see.. :)

oh and this one, looks innocent and clean, isn't it?

for the complete collection, click HERE



  1. aku suka banget sama outfit yang kedua, that super BIG scarf looks so stunning!
    akhirnya clothing Indonesia muncul lagi yaa di pasaran. mau ke Centrooooo :D

  2. aduhh bingung pisan ini, banyak yg ngeluarin koleksi baru disaat gw mau nabung!!!!!!!!!!