Day Two

Nine things about yourself.

1. single but not available
2. i'm a shoe fetish, esp high heels. but too bad i'm already 170cm and not skinny. i look like a giant if i use more than 9cm heels. :(
3. i'm afraid i can't earn enough money to live my life
4. i'm a super lazy girl
5. i'm goooood in spending money
6. i like warmth
7. but i like winter. i like snow, not the weather. it feels so magical. beside snow, i like clothes for winter because i don't really like to use minis like the things for summer. i like autumn too. hehe
8. i don't have spesific favourite band/musician/singer
9. i'm almost 20 and i still don't know what is my passion(s)



  1. love this picture! :) so colorful, u did this by yourself?