Day One

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. I don't know how's your feeling, do you still love me or not, do you hate me or what. But I know I can't force you to be what I want. now all i can do is waiting. you know i'll always love you.
2. stop buying me more clothes and shoes please. i've already spent a lot of my money to buy clothes and shoes, you don't have to buy more for me. and, umm, sometimes they don't fit my style..
3. good luck for your uni, dear friend! i hope you can enjoy the subjects! see you in january.
4. hey, why didn't you reply my BBM? i sent you a question because i need an answer. :/
5. umm, i don't know are you there or not. i don't even know whether you really exist or not. i didn't say that you're not real, i just don't really believe something that i can't really feel. but if you're really there, you know what i really want to say, aren't you?
6. i love the organization, really. some of my closest friends come from this org. but i don't like your attitude. humiliating others is not funny you know.
7. stop yelling and give me commands like i'm your maid. start give respect to me or you'll regret everything.
8. having friends like you all light up my days. i love you guys.
9. don't be too nice to me. sometimes i feel i don't deserve that much attention.
10. thanks for following my blog! :)