Day Four

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. i wish i can do something that can bring me lots of money. but i don't wanna work too much, i want an easy job. hehe..

2. i just wanna be with you. you know how i feel.
3. maybe i shouldn't think too much on what people will think if i use something that (some) others think not good for me. (e.g. use high heels shoes that everyone told me that i look like giant if i wear them)
4. i don't know what i'll do when i passed university. to lose some weight without any diet or exercise? or at least how to look slim? my arms are too big! :(
6. when will i use that shoe? when will i use that dress?
7. i wanna do that, i wanna speak english fluently, i wanna be able to speak french and mandarin and japanese. lots of wants, but i'm too lazy too do them all.



  1. hey i got the way how to lose your weight without a diet. it's broken heart.nyahahha. or else, just like me now, as my boyfriend leaving last monday, until today i've lost 2 kg of my weight. jd males makan. dan ag da yg sodorin makanan terus. hahahaha