err.. hello?

well, its been a (bit) long time since my last post.. hehe.. you know, i'm a super lazy girl.. my new laptop (yes, my dad buy me a new one because the old one's still love to stuck over and over again) cannot connect to the internet. i've called telkom's customer service and he helped my step by step to make it connect but it didn't work. :( i think i need to ask the technician to come to my house. i'm writing this post using my-lots-of-virus-desktop. haha..

soooo, this will be a quick update:
*the 'Alice in Wonderland' book which i won from book of Della's giveaway is already here since umm.. 2 weeks ago maybe? sorry i forgot. i have short term memory. :p pictures coming soon..

*i'm going to have my final exam for this semester less than a week! yes, i'm in the silent week (again). the worst part is, i feel super lazy to study. it's already tuesday and i even haven't download any slides. i hope Mr Yohanes Surya's mestakung (stands for "semesta mendukung", google it if you don't know about this, hehe..) really happen to me. haha.. Yohanes Surya is my rector, by the way. :)

*i don't know this is effect because of nervous about the exam or not, but my shopping passion is really high right now. i wanna buy a lot of clothes and shoes. i even have some clothes that i never used since i buy them! gosh.. i should do something.. or i just need to blame those online shops? but i don't think it won't work. lol

hmm, i think i've write too much for a quick post. hehe.. have a nice day all! :D




  1. nice post !!
    good luck with the exams !

  2. with or without exam, i think your shopping passion still high! hahaha