♥The crème de la crop giveaway♥

all you have to do:
1. choose, choose choose
this is a bad news, but you can only choose one. Choose which gift do you want the most, remember only one.

2. She want you to help her
here's the story, she have a facebook account and it blown her away that shehave so much new friends that added her as a friend on facebook, so in kindda short time it's full. she's been planning to make second account, but you know her, she's not really sure she can handle two account, and she also affraid that she will neglect the old one. And taking advice from many friends and readers she's planning to make a group page ( hahaha, still feels weird, seriously she's thinking like thousand times before she decide to write this ) so yeah, so many people advice her to do it. so help her decide, yes or no? yay or nay? and why?

2. tell the world about this giveaway
like all people said the more the merrier! please make a blogpost about this giveaway, don't forget to add the link of the post on your comment :) and oh you can tweet about this giveaway too! It will be wonderfull! (and don't forget to mention it on your comment)

3. No you do not have to follow her
but it will be awesome if you do! hehehe