Saturday, 30 May 2009

current obsession: accessories

both from forever21. the second one is already available in Indonesia. i almost bought it but my friend told me that it wasn't good. but now i regret it. i'll buy it when i go to Grand Indonesia later. and i don't know about the first one. hopefully it's been in Indonesia. :)

*by the way, i bought this ring a few weeks ago for about USD 7. i just saw it on f21 website, it's only USD 3.80. f*ck, why is it more expensive in Indonesia than in the US?

Monday, 25 May 2009

vina needs..

i got tagged by fhenny.
Type your first name in Google and follow with the word "needs"[(first name) needs].
Press 'search' then write the top 10 found in the Google and write it here.
1. vina needs more life. *do i lack of life?*
2. vina needs to prove to pitchers that he can lay off of bad pitches before he'll get anything decent to hit. *wtf?*
3. vina needs a miracle.
4. vina needs
to also be in a central downtown location.
5. vina needs to rehab it. *rehab what?*
6. vina needs to update his support "Cheat Sheet" with current cancellation procedures
7. vina needs to make the team out of camp the help in our depleated middle inf.
8. vina needs to come out and be seen and work to gain support from yhe demographic that matters.
9. vina needs to go on the disabled list.
10. vina needs to show it to Pike. *who is Pike?*

erm, btw, i don't tag anybody. if you read this and wanna try it, just try. :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

cut out, pin in

i made a new DIY project using white t-shirt because there are so many white t-shirt in my house. hehe.. i don't know where do i get the inspiration. it just popped out from my brain when i do nothing. but after i made it, i just remembered there was a dress which looks like this, i mean with safety pins and looks like it's broken apart, not looks like a basic t-shirt. i saw it at fashiontoast. i forgot who's designer dress was that. hehe.. so here it is: closer look:

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The blog is under construction

Yes, i'm updating my template to 3 columns, so i have 2 sidebars. yei! and because i'm not really diligent to read the coding, my side boxes are gone. include all the links, the polyvore widget, and so on. soo stupid i am.. sorry if maybe i should link you but you are not in the link list. just tell me. okay? thanks! :D

Thursday, 14 May 2009

lovely starbucks

these days starbucks have been very nice, don't you think so? first, FREE a cup of black coffee if you vote for the election.
and then, half price if you bring your own tumbler or mug for honoring the earth day.
now, they are giving another half price with the same terms with the second one but this time its for their 7th birthday.
wow, i do love starbucks! esp that half price promo.

*sorry for the last photo picture, i can't find the image on the net. ;)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Today's Quote

there’s no money-oriented girl in this world. girls just love beauty. and beauty needs money.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Super Weekend

I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk hospital because my uncle's finger was amputated. his finger was bitten by a dog. it's a long story, i'll not publish it here. i'm too sleepy to write the story. hehe. and then, from there, i went to Senayan City to try Coldstone because they're giving discount 50% with minimum purchase of IDR 100.000 for BCA creditcard holders. mine was IDR 35.000. i picked cheesecake fantasy. cheesecake ice cream, pie crumbs, blueberry, and strawberry. it was SUPER. love it. :D

white shirt - Dad's, belt - Mom's vintage, legging - ITC Cempaka Mas, Tartan Flats - Pull and Bear, Bangles - ITC Cempaka Mas

I went to Katedral Church, I'm not catholic but my friends are. i agree to accompany them to the church because after the eucharistic mass, we wanted to go Pasar Baru to find some vintage cloths or something cheap. but we didn't get anything that attractive to buy. but then we found that Bata (shoestore) was discounting their items. and i got a gold flat shoes only for IDR 40.000 (around US$ 4). and the we went to Grand Indonesia because we were really starving for accesories, lol. we bought some f21 accesories then. but regretfully, we didn't know that there was a sale on the other floor of f21. we had to be hurry so we didn't see those sale items. argh, i really need to go back there. ASAP.

Friday, 8 May 2009

how to make your own shredded t-shirt

you might need a seam ripper, but if don't have any, you can just use your fingers.

1. cut your t-shirt's hem or you can cut the thread that sewed the bottom edge of it.
2. then you'll find zigzag threads with threads striking them. this striking horizontal threads are the ones that you have to pull.

3. pull the threads. it may broke on first few threads but it's okay. i'm sure that you'll know when it start become the shredded tee.

4. pull the thread until you the width you want. you can pull them again everytime you want if you think it's not wide enough.

5. you can see cammile from childhood flames explanation here. hers is more clear and nice. pardon my english and unclear expalanation. i'm not a good instructor. ;)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Is it raining there?

because it's raining here. the lightning was very shocking. i never afraid of a lightning, but this time, it's an exception. those lightnings made my crystal lamps tinkling. they're moving. please stop soon rain. please stop soon lightnings. please.