3 on 3

i've been tagged by sally from long long time ago and i just remembered this. lol. so here it is.

3 things you addicted to : gadgets, internet, foods

3 things you interested to : fashion, money, lifestyle

3 things you found hot : fire, me, high heels

3 wildest dream : swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, being Paris Hilton *lol*

3 obsession : being rich without doing anything, high heels, have more and more gadgets

3 things you treasure the most : family, friends, my self

3 types of smell you love : smell of new rain, vanilla, white musk from the body shop

3 types of smell you hate : trash, apple cider vinegar, my smell when i sweat too much *hehe

3 things you hate : not permitted to sleep when i'm sleepy, PMS, arbitrary motorcycle riders

3 bad habits : super lazy, don't put things back to its place, confused all the way

3 things you love to wear : oversized tee, skinny jeans, flats

3 childhood toys : barbie, roller blade, dolls

3 favorite author : Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown, JK Rowling

3 favorite director : Tim Burton, i don't really understand directors actually. hehe

3 reason you do this thing : sally tagged me, i have nothing to do, my last blog post is just.. not interesting

3 person you would to tag to do this : inez, vebbi, sasa



  1. body shop white musk is the best! :D

  2. swimming with a shark is thumbs up ! LOL

  3. i love the smell of raina nd vanilla too!

  4. i also find high heels are hot!
    agree with the smells i also love em

  5. thank you vin =) tadinya mau gue jual, tapi buatnya setengah mati susahnya, jadi gak jadi jual deh. > <

  6. yeah, flats ! I love flatshoes as well ! :D

  7. follow blog w yah....www.bolodog.blogspot.com...lam knal ^_^