what makes me happy!

i've been tagged by inez from myopiasco. so here it is!
There is rules, that is tag and link back to the person tagged you. And tell them 6 things makes you happy, then tag 6 blogger. Let them know they're tagged.

1. lose weight. wohoo, i would be so happy if i lose weight. who doesn't? lol.
2. eat. i love to eat. italian food will be very lovely. <3
3. shop. i love to buy everything looks good. even though i don't need it. hehe
4. high heels shoes. lol. this maybe sounds weird but i love high heels although i rarely use them because i'll be super tall among my friends. shoes with heels > shoes without heels.
5. money, lots of money. who don't feel happy when they have lots of money? ;)
6. online. i feel lost if i don't open mozilla firefox even just for a day. :P

i tag:
1. cella from sleepy kelinci kecil
2. fhenny from little miss fhenny
3. intani from extraordinary sweet candy
4. talisha from ribbony boo
5. ayu from one boring child and her boring cameras
6. sally from laalaadoom



  1. haha nomer 6 odong banged... hahaha
    tapi iya sehh.... XD

  2. oh i love money! and money makes me happy!

  3. @velo: iya kan ven, apalagi kalo lagi libur ga ada kerjaan. hampa banget idup rasanya. haha

    @carol: hoho. everybody loves money! $_$

  4. I love heels too..always drole for them,,but don't like to wear it actually..hoho

  5. hello thankies for your comment in my post. haahah i love number one but i heart nuber two also :D