i went to mall puri indah with my friends 2 days ago. we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. the movie was good i think, and also funny. i like the "Won Won" thing coz i think it's very silly and funny nick name for Ron. haha.. and then me and inez bought sour sally, tya bought jcool, sasa bought an ice tea from starbucks. we sat at starbucks. yes, only one of us bought a drink there and then all of us sat there. lol. no one complain and that means that's okay. :P
oh, and we played seven clover and taking photos. unfortunately one of us had to go home after the movie so we didn't get any photo with her at starbucks. any of you know that game? the seven clover i mean. :)




  1. Looks like such a fun outing! I wanna watch Harry Potter too!!

  2. Wow seru kali yah klo reunian gitu hihihi...

  3. hey dear... wow, such a fun moment there!

    anyway, thanks for droppin by a comment on my blog.. wish we'll keep in contact ! :)

  4. i used to went to puri indah every week (more than once in a week) when i was in high school, just for sitting at starbucks. had a great laugh with friends. and i miss it :)

  5. @carol: i went there almost everyday when i was in the high school, days before UAN. and minimal once a week after UAN. lol. now it's hard to do because we're all study at different campuses. so that night was a night to remember. :)

  6. hi there :)
    that must be fun to met ur friends :)
    anyway,,thanks for dropping by on my blog ^^
    hope u'll come again

  7. I just watched Harry Potter too. The Won Won thing was so funny!

  8. mungkin pusing nonton public enemies karena dia pake digital camera bukan camera roll film gituuu, makanya lebih jernih gambarnya tp rada gimana gituu