more MJ

he's so gorgeous in this video

i'm sorry if i bother you all with my MJ post. finally i could understand why i didn't feel sad when everyone said "RIP Michael Jackson". *maybe* that's because i have enough faith that MJ hasn't gone yet. i do still believe that he will show up on his tribute concert and tell everybody that that was just publicity stunt, he's okay, and he will do the "this is it" tour. but then, i felt sad minutes before the concert started. my faith faded slowly. when the tribute concert started, he didn't show up, never show on stage to give surprises to us all. and until now i really wanna cry everytime i see his videos and pictures i've already missed you, Michael. why didn't you stay?

PS: i maybe mourned too much for someone i even never know personally. i don't understand why. he's just too.. charismatic? charming? legendary? i even don't know if there's any word that can describe him the best.



  1. ke mana poen gue visit blog org, smua ttg MJ... hehe... =)

  2. hi, just read your blog about MJ. yes he's a definite philanthropist, who spread his massage about love and care thru his musics. which is inspiring!

    -salam kenal-

  3. something must be wrong with me, i cant feel anything about MJ..
    well, my music heart already filled and fulled by freddie mercury i think ;p

  4. @velo: haha.. abis heboh banget sih berita kematiannya.. :P

    @lolichocopop & satirelane: yes, he is!! do you know he donated US$ 300.000.000? he's just too awesome!

    @karl's sweet child: haha.. i don't think i have someone who filled and fulled my music heart. i listen to all songs that i think good. but i really have no idea about this MJ thing.. he's got my heart, i don't know when, but his death does hurt me. hehe