if it is holiday then it is my fave day

on wednesday i went to Tebet with inez and agus. i was so excited when we went there, hoping there were so many awesome things to buy and go home with lots of shopping bag. but unfortunately, there were not so many cool things there. even in Endorse and Bloop. okay, i found a cute black dress with zipper in front of it (you can see by clicking the text) but that cute thing is the only one left and it's SMALL. OMG, i don't think i will ever fit in that dress. :( so i didn't buy that dress. and then we went to nanonine, i bought a sash white tee. remember the satcas tee i wanted to buy, mentioned a few posts ago? i found it again, but sadly, they don't have big sizes anymore. :( i think i have to let it go.
the sash tee
after that we ate at Nasi Bebek Ginyo. i ate bebek sambel ijo with nasi uduk (green chilli fried duck with rice cooked with coconut milk). didn't taste super-duper-delicious like most ppl said, it's over-rated i think. it's just okay. very so so. i didn't find the super-delicious part of that duck. i would prefer fried duck from Solo.

we didn't know what to do again, so we visited Endorse again, agus bought a sandal. and then we went to de jon's burger to sit a while. i bought melon milkshake and its too sweet. so i added my mineral water to lighten it up. :) then we off to plaza semanggi because inez wanted to buy a backpack she dreamed for months. lol.
by the way, if you read inez's blog too, you will find that our posts are similar. haha. that's because i've spent a lot of time with her this holiday. ;D



  1. i love bebek ginyo !
    dress ny lucu kak !

    aku jg pgn beli backpack kak, dmana ya yang bgus? maklum msh sekolah nih. hehe

  2. dress itemnya emang lucu banget, waktu itu masuk gogirl gtu.. pengen banget tapi ukurannyaa. :(

    wohoo, aku juga ga tau yang bagus dmana.. aku sih kalo lg jalan2 liat yang bagus terus beli, dmana2 sama aja. tp temenku belinya di sport station. :D

  3. Detail banget ceritanya :D.. Sounds like one nice day..

    Ps: wow, you have KitchenAid mixer? Is it yours or your mom's .. Sooooo lucky!!

  4. it's my mom's. you'll buy one someday i'm sure. i think you have great baking ability. you can make money from selling those OMG-looks-so-yummy cupcakes and buy that mixer! :)

  5. dress nya baguuuus yaaa =) hehehe..