i have no idea what this should be titled

i'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. basically i'm a super lazy girl and these days my laziness have become overwhelming. hehe.. i promise that i will post something later.

just a quick update for now: i'll have my final exam on 22 of june. oh no.. i don't really understand what my lecturers taught me after mid-semester test. hope this week i can learn all of the materials.
by the way, my friend from taiwan, Manda, will come to indonesia on 14 and another one from shanghai, Gerda, will come on 15. wohoo, so happy! let's hang out friends! but after my final exam, okay? don't be a devil, asking me out everyday and left my exam preparation at home. hehe. can't wait to see you darl!

PS: i don't know that the template i used before this makes everyone cannot put any comment in my post. i just knew that from venezia lowis, thanks friend! and because i'm not an web designer and i don't really understand html codes, so i decided to change my layout again. hehe.. btw, visit her blog. her blog is super!




  1. and don't forget to follow my blog too

  2. thank you for the comment. :) LOL. ayo berjuang buat exam!!!! :)))


  3. Here's wishing you all the very best in your coming exams.
    Go and exceed everyone's expectations...the World is waiting for you to leave your footprints.
    And remember, keep a song in your heart always.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  4. post reply: haha. kayaknya kupingnya palsu dehhh.. :)

  5. *michelle & Uncle Lee: thanks for your supportive comments! :D