vina needs..

i got tagged by fhenny.
Type your first name in Google and follow with the word "needs"[(first name) needs].
Press 'search' then write the top 10 found in the Google and write it here.
1. vina needs more life. *do i lack of life?*
2. vina needs to prove to pitchers that he can lay off of bad pitches before he'll get anything decent to hit. *wtf?*
3. vina needs a miracle.
4. vina needs
to also be in a central downtown location.
5. vina needs to rehab it. *rehab what?*
6. vina needs to update his support "Cheat Sheet" with current cancellation procedures
7. vina needs to make the team out of camp the help in our depleated middle inf.
8. vina needs to come out and be seen and work to gain support from yhe demographic that matters.
9. vina needs to go on the disabled list.
10. vina needs to show it to Pike. *who is Pike?*

erm, btw, i don't tag anybody. if you read this and wanna try it, just try. :)