how to make your own shredded t-shirt

you might need a seam ripper, but if don't have any, you can just use your fingers.

1. cut your t-shirt's hem or you can cut the thread that sewed the bottom edge of it.
2. then you'll find zigzag threads with threads striking them. this striking horizontal threads are the ones that you have to pull.

3. pull the threads. it may broke on first few threads but it's okay. i'm sure that you'll know when it start become the shredded tee.

4. pull the thread until you the width you want. you can pull them again everytime you want if you think it's not wide enough.

5. you can see cammile from childhood flames explanation here. hers is more clear and nice. pardon my english and unclear expalanation. i'm not a good instructor. ;)