Frozen Yogurt Everybody?

Have you tried the very happening dessert in Jakarta, frozen yogurt? Sour Sally or's I've tried them both. Very yummy. Love them so much. LOL. is sweeter and milky. Some of my friends said that is too milky and not very refreshing.
Sour Sally's yogurt is more sour and refreshing. Ya, something sour waken you up isn't it? Haha. is cheaper than Sally's but Sally has more topping choices. Me myself prefer one because I love milk and I pretty satisfied with what toppings has. But I don't refuse Sour Sally tough. Basically I eat almost everything. Hehe..



  1. I personally prefer J. Cool. Sour Sally juga enak sih, cuma harganya yang ga enak, hihihi

  2. benar sekaliii!! harganya yang engga enak. hahha