Saturday, 26 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

geez, i'm one day late! i wasn't at home almost the whole day yesterday, sorry. :p

Merry Christmas everyone! :D

Monday, 21 December 2009


have you guys watched avatar? seriously it's a must see movie! the best movie these years, or maybe the best movie ever made! the maker of this movie is totally genius. the graphic is very real so you won't think it's computer effect, it's just so alive! if you haven't watch the movie, watch it as soon as possible. i won't write the story here, too long. lol. i've watched avatar but not in 3D. i wanna watch the 3D version soon! i'm sure all of you will love the movie! :D

Sunday, 15 November 2009

3 on 3

i've been tagged by sally from long long time ago and i just remembered this. lol. so here it is.

3 things you addicted to : gadgets, internet, foods

3 things you interested to : fashion, money, lifestyle

3 things you found hot : fire, me, high heels

3 wildest dream : swimming with sharks, bungee jumping, being Paris Hilton *lol*

3 obsession : being rich without doing anything, high heels, have more and more gadgets

3 things you treasure the most : family, friends, my self

3 types of smell you love : smell of new rain, vanilla, white musk from the body shop

3 types of smell you hate : trash, apple cider vinegar, my smell when i sweat too much *hehe

3 things you hate : not permitted to sleep when i'm sleepy, PMS, arbitrary motorcycle riders

3 bad habits : super lazy, don't put things back to its place, confused all the way

3 things you love to wear : oversized tee, skinny jeans, flats

3 childhood toys : barbie, roller blade, dolls

3 favorite author : Stephenie Meyer, Dan Brown, JK Rowling

3 favorite director : Tim Burton, i don't really understand directors actually. hehe

3 reason you do this thing : sally tagged me, i have nothing to do, my last blog post is just.. not interesting

3 person you would to tag to do this : inez, vebbi, sasa

Saturday, 14 November 2009

midterm finished!

Yeeeaaahh, finally the effing midterm test is over! i just finished the last one today, i can't do it very well but hell, whatever. eerrm, i can't do some of the test very well i must admit. probability & statistics and introduction to internet technology are the worst. buuuutt, hey, all i know is it's over! Horaaayy.. :D

Saturday, 7 November 2009

oops, midterm test!

hi all, sorry for being a lazy blogger. hehe.
so.. here's a quick update. i'm going to face midterm test in about 2 days but i haven't study anything. and i don't really understand what the lecturers are trying to teach me this half semester. i play and gossiping too much in class. i'm dead. okay, dead. see you when i'm awake.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Inglorious Basterds

these are Aldo the Apache and Hans Lanvin. i envy Lanvin for his very fluent ability to speak in french, germany, italy, and english. i hope i'll be capable to speak those languages one day.

and of course, i love Brad's accent in this movie so bad!

Saturday, 17 October 2009


my current list of movies that i wanna watch in random order. most of 'em are Disney's. i'm a hard fan of Disney. ;D

Thursday, 15 October 2009

belated birthday

some photos of my belated birthday. hehe. this was celebrated on 2nd of Oct, which is Batik Day. so we all used Batik that day. :)

Saturday, 10 October 2009


i've been so lazy to update this blog lately. i'm just not in the mood for blogging since the new semester has come. i got pretty much ass-ignments and i'm very lazy to do them all.
but by the way, i was given a surprise by my friends for my birthday (thanks friends! love you all!) but i don't have any photos of it. my friends took some pics but i haven't get em. i hope they'll upload them soon. i'll post them here for sure. :)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Today's Quote

High heels are a male invention designed to (make women's butts look smaller and) make it harder for women to run away

-She's the Man

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

do fun!

i went to dufan last saturday with my sis (Vani), Meta, Epi, Malsi, and Andre! such a fun day coz its been a very long time since the last time i visit Dufan. :D *ps: i always think that whoever created the name "Dufan" is genious. do you know how to say dufan? its "do-fun", yes! we do have fun there. and dufan itself stands for dunia fantasy aka fantasy world. cool eh? ;)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

OMB UMN 2009

august 26th until 28th, my campus held an event called Orientasi Mahasiswa Baru (Orientation for new students). and i was part of the committee! i was on seksi acara. lol, i don't know what to say seksi acara in english. :p but in general my team's job desc was to plan the agenda of the event, every equipment that needed, and so on and so on. i hope you understand in which section i was. hehe.. it was very fun yet tiring experience, i really don't regret being a part of that team. love you all guys! :D
the team:

Friday, 28 August 2009

super tired

i just finished my job: orientating new students at my campus. i'm so so so so tired. and i'm going to enter my semester next monday. ah, lazyyyy. i don't wanna study. i want holidaaaaaayy!!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

high school reunion

a few days ago i went to Sentul with my high school friends. we stayed for 2 days there, at Lemuel's house. there were 11 of us. although there were lots of friends who cannot join us, but it's okay. 11 people is not a small group either. ;D

*pictures taken on Taman Bunga Nusantara

Friday, 7 August 2009

i pass!

yeah, i passed all the majors this semester! there are 2 C, calculus and linear algebra. well, i don't mind. :P
i worried all of these days because my linear algebra total score was 55,5 and the lowest score for C is 56. i don't know the system will lift my score to 56 or not. a few days ago there were no total score and grade, so i calculate by my self. and then finally the grade and total score popped! thanks God it's C. :)

Monday, 27 July 2009

Daun terbang karena Angin bertiup atau karena Pohon tidak memintanya untuk tinggal?

i found this story from Purple Dazzle. i've read this before trough SMS from my friend Marcella. i forgot about this story for a while and when i found this again, my memory brings back this story. very nice an touching story. for you who don't speak Indonesian, sorry this is in Bahasa Indonesia. maybe you can use google translator. :D


"Jika Kau menginginkan cinta dari seseorang, tunjukkan cintamu. Cinta tidak membutuhkan keraguan, Tunjukan saja!"

Alasan mengapa orang-orang memanggilku “Pohon” karena aku sangat baik dalam menggambar pohon. Setelah itu, aku selalu menggunakan gambar pohon pada sisi kanan sebagai trademark pada semua lukisanku. Aku telah berpacaran sebanyak 5 orang wanita ketika aku masih di SMA.

Ada satu wanita yang aku sangat aku cintai, tapi aku tidak punya keberanian untuk mengatakannya. Dia tidak memiliki wajah yang cantik, tubuh yang sexy, dsb, dia sangat peduli dengan orang lain dan religius tapi dia hanya wanita biasa saja.

Aku menyukainya, sangat menyukainya, menyukai gayanya yang innocent dan apa adanya, kemandiriannya, aku menyukai kepandaiannya dan kekuatannya. Alasan aku tidak mengajaknya kencan karena aku merasa dia yang sangat biasa dan tidak serasi untukku. Aku juga takut, jika kami bersama semua perasaan yang indah ini akan hilang. Aku juga takut kalau gosip-gosip yang ada akan menyakitinya. Aku merasa dia adalah “sahabatku” dan aku akan memilikinya tiada batasnya dan aku tidak harus memberikan semuanya hanya untuk dia.

Alasan yang terakhir, membuat dia menemaniku dalam berbagai pergumulan selama 3 tahun ini. Dia tahu aku mengejar gadis-gadis lain, dan aku telah membuatnya menangis selama 3 tahun.

Ketika aku mencium pacarku yang kedua, dan terlihat olehnya. Dia hanya tersenyum dengan berwajah merah dan berkata “lanjutkan saja” dan setelah itu pergi meninggalkan kami. Esoknya, matanya bengkak.. dan merah… Aku sengaja tidak mau memikirkan apa yang menyebabkannya menangis, but…

Aku tertawa dengannya seharian. Ketika semuanya telah pulang, dia sendirian di kelas untuk menangis. Dia tidak tahu bahwa aku kembali dari latihan sepak bola untuk mengambil sesuatu di kelas, dan aku melihatnya menangis selama sejam-an.

Pacarku yang ke-4 tidak menyukainya. Pernah sekali mereka berdua perang dingin, aku tahu bukan sifatnya untuk memulai perang dingin. Tapi aku masih tetap bersama pacarku. Aku berteriak padanya dan matanya penuh dengan air mata sedih dan kaget. Aku tidak memikirkan perasaannya dan pergi meninggalkannya bersama pacarku. Esoknya masih tertawa dan bercanda denganku seperti tidak ada yang terjadi sebelumnya. Aku tahu bahwa dia sangat sedih dan kecewa tapi dia tidak tahu bahwa sakit hatiku sama buruknya dengan dia, aku juga sedih.

Ketika aku putus dengan pacarku yang ke 5, aku mengajaknya pergi. Setelah kencan satu hari itu, aku mengatakan bahwa ada sesuatu yang ingin kukatakan padanya. Dia mengatakan bahwa kebetulan sekali bahwa dia juga ada sesuatu yang ingi dia katakan padaku. Aku cerita padanya tentang putusnya aku dengan pacarku dan dia berkata tentang dia sedang memulai suatu hubungan dengan seseorang. Aku tahu pria itu.

Dia sering mengejarnya selama ini. Pria yang baik, penuh energi dan menarik. Aku tak bisa memperlihatkan betapa sakit hatinya aku, tapi hanya bisa tersenyum dan mengucapkan selamat padanya. Ketika aku sampai di rumah, sakit hatiku bertambah kuat dan aku tidak dapat menahannya. Seperti ada batu yang sangat berat didadaku. Aku tak bisa bernapas dan ingin berteriak namun tidak bisa.

Air mata mengalir dan aku jatuh menangis. Sudah sering aku melihatnya menangis untuk pria yang mengacuhkan kehadirannya. Ketika upacara kelulusan, aku membaca SMS di Handphoneku. SMS itu dikirim 10 hari yang lalu ketika aku sedih dan menangis. SMS itu berbunyi, “Daun terbang karena Angin bertiup atau karena Pohon tidak memintanya untuk tinggal?”.

Selama SMA, aku suka mengoleksi daun-daun, kenapa? Karena aku merasa bahwa daun untuk meninggalkan pohon yang selama ini ditinggali selama ini membutuhkan banyak kekuatan.

Selama 3 tahun di SMA, aku dekat dengan seorang pria, bukan sebagai pacar tapi “Sahabat”. Tapi ketika dia mempunyai pacar untuk yang pertama kalinya, Aku mempelajari sebuah perasaan yang belum pernah aku pelajari sebelumnya - CEMBURU. Perasaan di hati ini tidak bisa digambarkan dengan menggunakan Lemon. Hal itu seperti 100 butir lemon busuk. Mereka hanya bersama selama 2 bulan. Ketika mereka putus, aku menyembunyikan perasaan yang luar biasa gembiranya. Tapi sebulan kemudian dia bersama seorang gadis lagi.

Aku menyukainya dan aku tahu bahwa dia juga menyukaiku, but mengapa dia tidak mau mengatakannya? Sejak dia mencintaiku, mengapa dia tidak yang memulainya dulu untuk melangkah? Ketika dia punya pacar baru lagi, hatiku selalu sakit. Waktu berjalan.. dan berjalan, hatiku sakit.

Aku mulai mengira bahwa ini adalah cinta yang bertepuk sebelah tangan, tapi mengapa dia memperlakukanku dengan sangat baik diluar perlakuannya hanya untuk seorang teman?

Menyukai seseorang sangat menyusahkan hati, aku tahu kesukaannya, kebiasaannya. Tapi perasaannya kepadaku tidak pernah bisa diketahui. Kau tidak mengharapkan aku seorang wanita untuk mengatakannya bukan?

Diluar itu, aku mau tetap disampingnya, memberikannya perhatian, menemaninya, dan mencintainya. Berharap, bahwa suatu hari, dia akan datang dan mencintaiku. Hal itu seperti menunggu telpon-nya. Setiap malam, mengharapkannya untuk mengirimku SMS. Aku tahu sesibuk apapun dia, dia pasti meluangkan waktunya untukku. Karena itu, aku menunggunya. 3 tahun cukup berat untuk kulalui dan aku mau menyerah.

Kadang aku berpikir untuk tetap menunggu. Luka dan Sakit hati, dan dilema yang menemaniku selama 3 tahun ini.

Ketika diakhir tahun ke 3, seorang pria mengejarku dia adalah adik kelasku, setiap hari dia mengejarku tanpa lelah. Dari penolakan-penolakan yang telah ditunjukkan, aku merasa bahwa aku ingin memberikan dia ruang kecil dihatiku.

Dia seperti angin yang hangat dan lembut, mencoba meniup daun untuk terbang dari pohon. Akhirnya, aku sadar bahwa aku tidak ingin memberikan Angin ini ruang yang kecil di hatiku. Aku tahu Angin ini akan membawa pergi Daun yang lusuh jauh dan ketempat yang lebih baik. Akhirnya Aku meninggalkan Pohon, tapi Pohon hanya tersenyum dan tidak memintaku untuk tinggal, aku sangat sedih memandangnya tersenyum ke arahku.

“Daun terbang karena Angin bertiup atau Pohon tidak memintanya untuk tinggal?”

Karena aku menyukai seorang gadis bernama Daun, karena dia sangat bergantung pada Pohon, jadi aku harus menjadi Angin yang kuat.

Angin akan meniup Daun terbang jauh. Ketika aku pertama kalinya, ketika 1 bulan setelah aku pindah sekolah. Aku melihat seorang memperhatikan kami bermain sepak bola. Ketika itu, dia selalu duduk disana sendirian atau dengan teman-temannya memperhatikan Pohon. Ketika Pohon berbicara dengan gadis-gadis, ada cemburu di matanya. Ketika Pohon melihat ke arah Daun, ada senyum di matanya.

Memperhatikannya menjadi kebiasaanku, seperti daun yang suka melihat Pohon. Satu hari, dia tidak tampak, aku merasakan kehilangan. Seniorku juga tidak ada saat itu, Aku pergi ke kelas mereka, melihat seniorku sedang memperhatikan Daun. Air mata mengalir di mata Daun ketika Pohon pergi, besoknya, aku melihat Daun di tempatnya yang biasa, memperhatikan Pohon. Aku melangkah dan tersenyum padanya. Menulis catatan dan memberikan kepadanya. Dia sangat kaget.

Dia melihat ke arahku, tersenyum dan menerima catatanku. Besoknya, dia datang, menghampiriku dan memberiku catatan. Hati Daun sangat kuat dan Angin tidak bisa meniupnya pergi, hal itu karena Daun tidak mau meninggalkan Pohon. Aku melihat ke arahnya dengan kata-kata tersebut dan pelan dia mulai berkata padaku dan menerima kehadiranku dan telpon-ku. Aku tahu orang yang dia cintai bukan aku, tapi aku akan berusaha agar suatu hari dia menyukai aku.

Selama 4 bulan, Aku tlah mengucapkan kata Cinta tidak kurang dari 20x kepadanya. Setiap kali dia mengalihkan pembicaraan.. tapi aku tidak menyerah, aku memutuskan untuk memiliki dia dan berharap dia akan setuju menjadi pacarku.

Aku bertanya, “Apa yang kau lakukan? Kenapa kau tidak pernah membalas?”

Dia berkata, “Aku menengadahkan kepalaku”.

“Ah?”, Aku tidak percaya apa yang aku dengar.

“Aku menengadahkan kepalaku”, dia berteriak.

Aku meletakkan telpon, berpakaian dan naik taxi ke tempat dia, dan dia membuka pintu, aku memeluknya kuat-kuat.

“Daun terbang karena tiupan Angin atau karena Pohon tidak memintanya untuk tinggal?“

PS: i watched Public Enemies today and although it kinda make me sick because of the hand-held camera and the stupid polices who didn't notice John Dillinger's face in the section that specially made for catch him, i still like it. Johnny Depp is love, and HOT. i want FEDORAS! ;D

Saturday, 25 July 2009

current crushes!

i just found this blog, and i think this one is one of my 'most amazing blog i have ever seen'. click the image to go.

and this one, i found a few month ago, is my 'cutest blog i have ever seen'. go visit them. :D

Thursday, 23 July 2009


i went to mall puri indah with my friends 2 days ago. we watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. the movie was good i think, and also funny. i like the "Won Won" thing coz i think it's very silly and funny nick name for Ron. haha.. and then me and inez bought sour sally, tya bought jcool, sasa bought an ice tea from starbucks. we sat at starbucks. yes, only one of us bought a drink there and then all of us sat there. lol. no one complain and that means that's okay. :P
oh, and we played seven clover and taking photos. unfortunately one of us had to go home after the movie so we didn't get any photo with her at starbucks. any of you know that game? the seven clover i mean. :)

Monday, 20 July 2009

what makes me happy!

i've been tagged by inez from myopiasco. so here it is!
There is rules, that is tag and link back to the person tagged you. And tell them 6 things makes you happy, then tag 6 blogger. Let them know they're tagged.

1. lose weight. wohoo, i would be so happy if i lose weight. who doesn't? lol.
2. eat. i love to eat. italian food will be very lovely. <3
3. shop. i love to buy everything looks good. even though i don't need it. hehe
4. high heels shoes. lol. this maybe sounds weird but i love high heels although i rarely use them because i'll be super tall among my friends. shoes with heels > shoes without heels.
5. money, lots of money. who don't feel happy when they have lots of money? ;)
6. online. i feel lost if i don't open mozilla firefox even just for a day. :P

i tag:
1. cella from sleepy kelinci kecil
2. fhenny from little miss fhenny
3. intani from extraordinary sweet candy
4. talisha from ribbony boo
5. ayu from one boring child and her boring cameras
6. sally from laalaadoom

Sunday, 19 July 2009

cocobii.. :D

finally i open the snack from manda! :D i don't know what the true name of the snack but all i know is that the snack's packaging shows Nohara Shinosuka aka Shinchan. so me and my friends call it Cocobi, shinchan's face snack. hehe..

bonus sticker!

Friday, 10 July 2009

more MJ

he's so gorgeous in this video

i'm sorry if i bother you all with my MJ post. finally i could understand why i didn't feel sad when everyone said "RIP Michael Jackson". *maybe* that's because i have enough faith that MJ hasn't gone yet. i do still believe that he will show up on his tribute concert and tell everybody that that was just publicity stunt, he's okay, and he will do the "this is it" tour. but then, i felt sad minutes before the concert started. my faith faded slowly. when the tribute concert started, he didn't show up, never show on stage to give surprises to us all. and until now i really wanna cry everytime i see his videos and pictures i've already missed you, Michael. why didn't you stay?

PS: i maybe mourned too much for someone i even never know personally. i don't understand why. he's just too.. charismatic? charming? legendary? i even don't know if there's any word that can describe him the best.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

goodbye living legend

goodbye Michael Jackson. i'll always love you. :')

you know what, i do still hope that MJ will show up on Staples Center and yell to everyone in the world that all of these were just publicity stunts for his next concert. i think it will be much better than the truth that he will never sing again on stage. i'm so poor on saying goodbye. goodbye is kinda the hardest word to say for me, esp if it's for forever. good bye, MJ. i grew up with your songs, and now i'll let them grow with me. :')
i read this on my friend's facebook status. i have no idea where she got it but i really wanna share it with all of you. "
The day Michael Jackson gone : Google website searches malfunctioned for 35minutes, twitter reaches 5000 volume MJ related per minute, WIKIPEDIA buckled temporarily, CNN.Com got 20 millions page views within an hour, AT&T relayed 65,000 text messages per second!! The AOL messenger was knocked out for 40 minutes, who can done all this?? It's only MICHAEL JACKSON..."

Friday, 3 July 2009

if it is holiday then it is my fave day

on wednesday i went to Tebet with inez and agus. i was so excited when we went there, hoping there were so many awesome things to buy and go home with lots of shopping bag. but unfortunately, there were not so many cool things there. even in Endorse and Bloop. okay, i found a cute black dress with zipper in front of it (you can see by clicking the text) but that cute thing is the only one left and it's SMALL. OMG, i don't think i will ever fit in that dress. :( so i didn't buy that dress. and then we went to nanonine, i bought a sash white tee. remember the satcas tee i wanted to buy, mentioned a few posts ago? i found it again, but sadly, they don't have big sizes anymore. :( i think i have to let it go.
the sash tee
after that we ate at Nasi Bebek Ginyo. i ate bebek sambel ijo with nasi uduk (green chilli fried duck with rice cooked with coconut milk). didn't taste super-duper-delicious like most ppl said, it's over-rated i think. it's just okay. very so so. i didn't find the super-delicious part of that duck. i would prefer fried duck from Solo.

we didn't know what to do again, so we visited Endorse again, agus bought a sandal. and then we went to de jon's burger to sit a while. i bought melon milkshake and its too sweet. so i added my mineral water to lighten it up. :) then we off to plaza semanggi because inez wanted to buy a backpack she dreamed for months. lol.
by the way, if you read inez's blog too, you will find that our posts are similar. haha. that's because i've spent a lot of time with her this holiday. ;D